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Some of the advantages of working with us:

Prices most competitive of final product by a reduction in fixed costs.

Reduction cost in penalties for mistake in internal processes.

Consolidation of corporate image by decreasing claims and returns.

Best control times and Frequency.

Getting more competitive margins from competition by lowering cost.

Decreased costs associated with the maintenance of a permanent Comex department.

Improvement in the quality, standards or certifications in the process of shipping, transportation or storage.

Strengthening the company image in front of their suppliers or customers, by increased punctuality and professionalism is its commitments and processes.

Improved its customers and suppliers regarding their obligations.

Ensures supply chain for raw materials to you or your customers.

Take advantage of our experience in using shipping containers and systems: Dry, Fresh, froozen, Controlled Atmosphere, OpenTop, TankTainer, FlexiTank, Flat Rack, deck cargo, and others.

Our agents contacting providers what you or your company need.

We achieved the best final purchase prices by acting as local buyers.

Centralized in one interlocutor all queries associated with the different actors in the process (customs agent, carrier, insurance company, banks, agricultural service and others).

Our services and rates are adaptable to suit your business, company or project.